How to Determine the Presents of Gold in the Rock

I have been into remote places for several days ago for a visit. I was walking down to the valley for almost two hours, that made me so tired. In order to regain my energy, I was resting on the huge boulder, then suddenly, I saw a glittering substance at the cross section of the broken rocks at the opposite side. Immediately, I came closer to the rocks and picked a piece of it for a sample. It crossed to my mind that the glittering substance was GOLD. So, I brought the sample in Davao City for testing and according to the experts that it composed of crystalline minerals but not gold.

Because of my experience, I asked the experts on “How to Determine the Presents of Gold in the Rock”, the following instructions were given:

  1. Examine the rock in the shade rather than in the sunlight. Real gold still has a yellow sheen even in a shadow whereas fool’s gold does not. If there is no shaded area in the vicinity, cup both hands together and hold them over the rock before examining it.
  2. Try to cut the substance with a butter knife. True gold is quite malleable and can be cut relatively smoothly with a knife. Fool’s gold will flake and splinter if you try to cut it. Alternatively, if your fingernails are long enough, poke at the area with the edge of a nail. Real gold will be dented by this action, but fool’s gold will flake.
  3. Examine the rock under a magnifying glass. If the gold material looks flaky, then it is most likely not real gold. Real gold will look more like a glob than a flake.
  4. Place a drop of industrial muriatic acid on the areas of the rock that look gold. If it is true gold, nothing will happen. However, if the surface of the rock starts to foam and the substance eventually dissolves, you are dealing with fool’s gold.
  5. Contact the geology department of the DOST or university if you are still uncertain. A geologist will be able to look at the rock right away and determine if it contains gold.

After all, I was laughing to myself that I was fooled by a glittering substance. Who knows, that I collected a very rare sample of elements on earth…..Oh! what a funny experienced!


2 Responses

  1. very interesting post to know the true gold or fake ones
    mas maganda nga talaga alam natin ang mga points na eto malay natin if we bump in one of the rocks gold na pala yun (^_^) thanks for this post

    gusto ko nga sana repost sa blog ko eh (^_^)

  2. Hi Aice, Thanks for the comments. You can repost this article to your blog…it’s okay with me.

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