Mindanao Mega-Region

Based on the 2006 State of the Nation Address (SONA), the President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo presented to us a mega regions, namely the North Luzon Mega-Region, the Metro Luzon Urban Beltway, the Central Philippines Mega-Region, the Mindanao Mega-Region and the Cyber Corridor that serves as the cyber link between these four regions.

Mindanao Mega-Region will be focused on the agricultural businesses which will produce major crops, like; rubber, pineapple, cacao, coconut, bananas, etc. This island is also produces exotic fruits, like; durian, magosteen, etc. There are natural resources in Mindanao aside from agriculture, like; the gold, nickel and copper, a possible sources of natural gas, carbon, a possible huge deposits of oil, many others.  Mindanao has beautiful places which are design for tourism.

However, Mindanao will be so attractive to investors and visitors if there are good infrastructures being in place in different places as well as good peace and order in the mega-region. It is very difficult to invite investors or capitalist in the Mindanao Mega-Region if the prime requisites will not be addressed properly.

The prime requisites that I am referring to, namely: (1) Peace and Order, (2) Good Infrastructure, like bridges, roads, farm to market roads, highways, terminals, ports, etc., (3) Stable water and power supplies, (4) Proper accountabilities of the Local Government Units in serving its area of responsibilities, and most importantly (5) the creation of proper sustainability in order the Filipino people will survive and have better standard of living.

Until now, Mindanao Mega-Region is thriving to better images towards the international community because lots of unwanted incidents happened in the region. This is the main reason why few places in Mindanao are now economically booming. If politicians and idealists will converge their ideas for the betterment of Mindanao, there is no wonder that Mindanao will excel to its performance and will replace the BAD images into GOOD images. Why not do it now?

Mabuhay ang Mindanaoans!


2 Responses

  1. mabuhay ang mindanawan (^_^) nice post you have here thanks for the information

  2. Thanks for dropping by Aice Nice! I am hoping that people will notice our Mindanaoans Way of Life….I am hoping that we will have mature political will. I hope so….God Bless Us All.

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